My #1TMCThing

This is it.  Blog post #1.  And my #1TMCThing.  By the last night of Twitter Math Camp, I had a list of things that I wanted to be my #1TMCThing.  A list of things that I was ready to implement in my classroom and school.  Most of the ideas were small things, not too daunting.   But at dinner the last night – that my friend and I invited ourselves to via Twitter…. I love that the inclusiveness of TMC allowed us the confidence to do that – I was telling them about my list, and I was reminded that the #1TMCThing is meant to be ONE thing.  One thing that we commit to.  One thing that we can be held accountable for.  So, four days later after LOTS of consideration, I am ready to declare blogging as my #1TMCThing.  I have no idea how often I will blog, but it is something that I will try this year.  I’m excited, even if it does nothing more than serve as a reflection tool for me.

HUGE shout out to @miscalcul8!!  Thank you for encouraging/pushing me to start blogging, for giving me ideas, for boosting my confidence with tweets about ideas I shared, and for naming my blog!!!  I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet you in real life!

And the biggest shout out to everyone involved in making Twitter Math Camp exactly what it is.  It was the best professional development I have ever attended – and I’ve attended a lot!  Blog post #2 will by my TMC reflection… hopefully sooner rather than later!

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