Teacher Appreciation Week

Room Service

Teacher appreciation week is a big deal at my school. The different clubs and organizations feed us breakfast and lunch almost every day. It’s amazing!! I wanted to do something a little different this year with my Student Council. I saw the idea for room service on Pinterest last year and tucked the idea away for this week. I created the door hangers in PowerPoint using fonts from www.dafont.com/. (All files and fonts linked at the bottom) I printed them on bright yellow cardstock and had the students cut them out. We stayed after school on Friday and put them on all the doors so the teachers would be greeted with their menus on Monday morning. The door hangers were collected on Tuesday, and the students delivered the treats on Thursday. We loaded the snacks and an ice chest with all the drinks on a cart, and we pushed it around the school. The students filled each order from the cart. It worked great! As you can see from the photos, the teachers were very appreciative!



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